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Real Estate Mogul, Entrepreneur, and Professional Jetsetter Emir Bahadir founded BHDR as a brokerage and development firm and further evolved the company to encompass his lifestyle, entertainment, and design endeavours. The 26-year-old property magnate and heir to a generations-old Turkish real estate empire has a natural eye for luxury. Emir has an extensive knowledge of property development and wants to bring his expertise to the upper echelons of New York’s residential market.  In 2014, he orchestrated an alliance with his family's 1935-founded real estate company in Turkey, which affords BHDR the opportunity to connect with investors in Europe and the Middle East and gain international exposure.

Emir Bahadir was educated at the prestigious American School in Switzerland and ultimately earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Technology Management from New York University.  A globally recognized entrepreneur, Emir invests in the technology industry .  Emir regularly participates in international entrepreneurship panels including for İstanbul TALKS and often graces the covers of luxury Mediterranean and European outlets including Hello and Grazia magazines.


Emir has garnered a following of 500,000+ on his verified Instagram account, @emirbahadir. He has been able to create his own category of luxury lifestyle by chronicling his over-the-top jet-setting escapades using the popular hashtag #Bahadiring. In 2016, Emir starred in the upcoming docuseries/TV show called “Rich Kids of Instagram.” He wanted to be a part of the show to change people’s preconceptions about coming from an affluent background. Emir is ambitious and hardworking rather than wasteful, and he wanted the world to see those qualities in him. Currently, Emir working on a new documentary for the French network M6 in Paris.

Along with his professional endeavors, Emir has also been able to translate his love of art into a tangible platform. He is a founding patron at the Whitney Museum of American Art and a junior
associate at the Museum of Modern Art.

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Emir has always valued social media and his connection to his followers. Because of this, Bahadiring will be unveiling its own emojis, Bmojis, so that Emir’s lifestyle and new business ventures can be fully integrated with his social media accounts. Bmojis will constantly be updated based on the events and travels happening in Emir’s life to create a truly interactive experience for his followers.


Having travelled the world and enjoying only its finest things, Emir has created his own category of luxury lifestyle by chronicling his over-the-top jet-setting escapades using the popular hashtag #Bahadiring. In the last year, Bahadiring has organically grown from a hashtag chronicling his posh escapades on Instagram to a luxury fashion and cosmetics brand.

Emir has been praised for his style in his various international social circles and is always asked if he’d want to design his own line. Emir has decided to bring his definitive style to life with his new menswear collection, Bahadiring. He wanted to create a product that men feel comfortable in while still looking sharp and elegant. He wanted to bring back the classic men’s silhouette of the triangular shoulder, fitted waste, and elongated leg. Emir achieves this through using the highest quality fabrics available and top-of-the-line tailoring and craftsmanship.

In addition to clothing, Emir has ventured out into skincare. Realizing the need for quality cosmetics in the men’s sector, he has decided to create a line that caters to the needs of people who simply don’t have time to get an hour-long facial but desire the same results. The first products will be collagen masks and eyepatches that can deliver healthy, hydrated skin in 15 minutes



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